EDN Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting the Enterprise Development Network (EDN) web site.  The privacy policy outlined below applies to the data we collect from you over the internet. EDN collects personal information from visitors to the EDN web site for various reasons which may include the processing of applications, the maintenance of mailing lists, etc. Our policies regarding the collection and use of personal information are as follows:

A. Personally Provided Information

- You do not have to provide EDN with personal information to visit our web site.

- We will not collect personal information from you when you visit our web site unless you choose to provide that information to us. Your submitting it constitutes your consent for EDN to collect it.

- Personal information you provide to us is used solely for the purpose for which it was collected, and is not sold or disseminated to third parties, unless required by law (e.g., for law enforcement purposes). We will notify you, at the point of collection, how information that personally identifies you will be used.

- You may have access to any of the information we collect about you at this web site. We will correct any errors you may find.  You may email EDN to request information or records concerning you from EDN. Please remember that electronic mail is not necessarily secure against interception. Therefore, we suggest that you do not send personally identifying information (e.g., your mailing address) to us via email.

B. Information Automatically Collected and Stored           

When you visit our web site to read or download information, certain information about you will be collected. We automatically collect and store the following information about your visit:

- The IP address from which you accessed our web site;

- The IP address of the referring web site if you access our site directly from another site;

- The type of browser and operating system used to access the site;

- The date and time of your visit;

- The pages you visited;

- The amount of data (bytes) transferred to you; and

- The amount of time it took to transfer the data to you.

We use this information to perform statistical analyses of the use of the web site and to enhance its utility to our visitors. For example, we use it to assess what information is of most and least interest, to determine technical design specifications, and to identify system performance problems. Unless specifically stated otherwise, no additional information will be collected about you.

C. Cookies

A cookie is a small piece of text that is sent to your computer along with a web page when you visit a web site. Your computer will give the information in the cookie only to the computer that sent it, and no other web site can request it. There are three types of cookies–persistent, third party, and session.

EDN does not use persistent or third party cookies, but sometimes uses session cookies.

EDN uses session (or “temporary”) cookies to facilitate the completion of web forms during the collection of information that you submit. These cookies are stored in memory and are only available during an active browser session. Session cookies do not collect personal information about you, and this information is erased as soon as you close your web browser or turn off your computer. No personally identifiable information about you is maintained as a result of a temporary or session cookie.

You can configure your web browser to accept or decline cookies, or to alert you when cookies are in use. You do not have to accept cookies from us, but if you choose not to, some of the functionality of our site may not be available to you.

D. Security / Protecting Personally Identifiable Information

EDN is required to protect the information we collect and maintain about you. We will not use the internet to do business with you unless we can do so in a secure manner. We will take reasonable precautions to maintain the security, confidentiality and integrity of the information we collect at this web site.

EDN takes technical measures to insure that personal information submitted via its web site is kept secure and confidential.

EDN also takes administrative measures to insure that personal information submitted via its web site is kept secure and confidential by restricting staff access to personal information to only those who have a need to know. EDN uses contractors to perform various web site and database functions. When we do, we make sure that the contract with the contractor ensures the security, confidentiality and integrity of any personal information the contractor may have access to in the course of contract performance.

Your Rights Under the Privacy Act

Personal information that you submit to EDN may be maintained in federal systems of record as defined under the Privacy Act of 1974. Information regarding your rights under the Privacy Act can be found at the U.S. Department of Justice web site.

If information we collect from you is to be used in a Privacy Act system of records, then a Privacy Act Statement will be provided at the point of information collection. The statement will inform you of the authority for, and purposes and uses of, the collection of information subject to the Privacy Act. It will also notify you whether providing the information is mandatory or voluntary, as well as cite the effects of not providing all or any part of the requested information.

Data Access

You may have access to any of the information EDN collects about you on this web site. To make corrections to any personal information, you may file a request for correction by e-mail at [email protected]

Monitoring and Intrusion Detection

The EDN web site is sponsored by a U.S. Government agency, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), and is intended for official business use only. You may not make unauthorized modifications to this system or the information it contains, or use this system for any activities which are in violation of law. Misuse of this system is strictly prohibited and may be subject to criminal prosecution under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986 and Title 18 USC Sections 1001 and 1030.

For security purposes, EDN monitors access and use of this system to identify unauthorized activity. Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals evidence of possible abuse or criminal activity, such evidence may be provided to appropriate law enforcement officials. In the event of authorized law enforcement investigations, and pursuant to any required legal process, information from these sources may be used to help identify an individual. We make no attempts to identify individual users unless we suspect illegal behavior.

Interaction With Children

This web site may offer educational content to children. No personally identifiable information is collected from them unless voluntarily submitted as a request for information or services. The information collected is used to respond to user inquiries or to provide services requested by our users.

External Links Policy

EDN’s web site has hyperlinks to other government, quasi-government, international and private organizations. These web sites are not under the control of EDN and may not follow the same privacy, security or accessibility policies. When you leave EDN’s web site via a link to another web site you will be notified that you are subject to the policies of the new web site. All external web sites to which EDN is linked open in a new window.

Hyperlinks on this web site to any commercial, shareware or freeware products or services do not constitute or imply endorsement by EDN, the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) or the United States Government of any linked web site or of any product, information or service. These links, or information concerning such links, are offered solely as a convenience to the user. None of EDN, OPIC or the United States Government offers any guarantee or warranty concerning any product, information or service described or available via such links.