Become an EDN Lender

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Lender in the Enterprise Development Network (EDN).

An EDN Lender is a bank, endowment, foundation, private equity fund, or other financial institution that may provide loans to businesses that are sourced by EDN Originators. The EDN Lender has no obligation to review, process or fund any proposed loan submitted by the Originator.

As part of EDN, your firm will have access to a broad spectrum of business enterprises already working with EDN Originators to create sound business plans and financial models in an effort to obtain the financing needed for desired growth.

The role of an EDN Lender will be to provide an additional source of loan funding to business enterprises (ENTs), based on the financing organization’s individual lending criteria. EDN will serve as the portal to introduce Originators and their ENT clients to EDN Lenders for potential financing opportunities.

The EDN Lender application process commences with creating an EDN account. To create a new account click here.

Process for Loan Proposals

If your firm is interested in becoming an EDN Lender, please provide all of the information requested in the accompanying application. Please note that the information requested in Steps 1 and 2 is for informational purposes only and will not be used to determine eligibility for inclusion in EDN.