OPIC has finance and insurance products designed to facilitate successful implementation of impact investments in the developing world. The EDN network of financial institutions, business consultants, associations, law firms and regional investment promotion agencies has entities which have explicit interest and expertise in assisting to solve social and environmental challenges while generating a financial return for the investor. Social entrepreneurs will be able to find timely, efficient, and cost effective services through EDN impact investment providers. Investors will be able to obtain information and services regionally from those with a specialty in impact investments.

At the United States government’s Development Financial Institution, OPIC aims to catalyze the impact investment field by encouraging innovation, mitigating risk, and committing capital to attract more private investment. Over its history, OPIC has measured the developmental benefits of its projects, screened them for no harm to the environment or workers and sought to instill best practices. We believe the EDN network will help bridge the world’s supply and demand for capital for impact investments in order to assist in addressing sector needs in education, financial inclusion, hosing, water and sanitation, health care, and climate change. Working with investors seeking both positive impact and financial returns, corporations, social enterprises and impact investment funds, philanthropists and not-for-profits and the developing finance agencies of the world, OPIC supports collaborative efforts to effect positive change.

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